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Legal Troubles? Don’t let it jeopardize your freedom, family, career, reputation and future. This is a very critical time. You need personalized defense from an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer who is aggressive, accomplished, and knowledgeable.

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Minnesota criminal defense attorney advocates for clients in federal court, state court, and appellate courts with a proven track record of successful results for his clients. Whether you are charged with a petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or a felony, Coley Grostyan has the experience and aggressiveness to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

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Mr. Grostyan prides himself on working passionately and tirelessly for his clients to ensure the best possible outcome is attained. As a small law practice, Mr. Grostyan is able to provide each client’s case with the individualized attention it deserves.

Defending Minnesota
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