Florida Courts Question Reliability of Intoxilyzer DUI Results

Published On: 28th January 2012

In October, 100 DUI cases were dismissed in Florida due to inaccuracies of Intoxilyzer 8000s. The Intoxilyzer is a breath test machine used by law enforcement that measures blood alcohol content of those suspected of driving while intoxicated. Blood alcohol content test results are critical DWI prosecutions.

In those DWI cases that were tossed by the courts, the machines reported a sampling volume of 10 to 12 liters of breath. However, the average total lung volume of an adult male is only 6 liters of air, with a much smaller volume used for normal breathing. Breath volume is a vital component of the accuracy of breathalyzer machines. The dismissal of the DWI cases prompted law enforcement to test other breathalyzer machines. That testing revealed that 40% of the breathalyzer machines required calibration of the breath flow measurement.


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Florida Courts Question Reliability of Intoxilyzer DUI Results