Minnesota Felony First Degree Assault Charges

ambulanceFelony first degree assault requires the following allegation:

  • The assault created a high probability of death or caused serious permanent disfigurement or impairment; or
  • The assault was through the use or attempted use of deadly force on a peace officer or correctional employee if the officer or employee was fulfilling their employment duties.

Potential Consequences

If you have been arrested and charged with 1st degree felony assault in Minnesota, you may be facing up to 20 years in prison and a $30,000 fine. Furthermore, is the assault was on police officer or correctional employee, there is a 10-year minimum prison sentence, with no chance at early release or work release. Assaults causing great bodily harm carry a minimum prison sentence of 74-months for those convicted who have no prior criminal history.

In addition, felony convictions result in numerous collateral consequences such as loss of voting and firearm rights, and difficulty finding employment and housing.

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Minnesota Felony First Degree Assault Charges